This year DYAO proudly introduced its first Composition Competition. For consideration, each contestant submitted a piece for orchestra no longer than ten minutes in length. Additional requirements include being under the age of 25 and must currently reside in Colorado.

Our inaugural composition competition winner is a Senior from Littleton High School, Dianna Link. An avid flutist, singer, and composer. The DYAO will be performing her winning piece, Ebullient, at our upcoming concert April 30th. I caught up with Dianna to learn a little more about herself, and discuss her upcoming world premier.

First, congratulations on winning our very first composition competition. How did you hear about us?

  • Thank you! I’m very excited for the world premier to be with DYAO. I am very good friends with flutist Jessica Shand, she told me about it and sparked my interest.

How did you get involved with music?

  • As early as I can remember my life has been consumed by music. When I was three years old I began singing in my church choir and learning the recorder. By the time I was in 5th grade I had tried piano and guitar, but those instruments weren’t for me. I then tried the flute, loved it, and haven’t looked back!

When did you start composing?

  • The first composition I wrote was in middle school for jazz band. I was too nervous to improvise a solo, so I wrote my own. From there I started arranging flute quartets, but I haven’t strongly focused on compositions until about a year ago.

For what other genres have you composed?

  • I love writing pieces for full orchestra as well as flute quartets. Currently I am working on a film score, but I have also done pieces for concert band. I wrote a flute concerto that my high school orchestra will be premiering this May.

Where do you find inspiration for your compositions?

  • Inspiration can hit me at anytime. I have even started writing in the middle of history class on the back of my spiral notebook! Other than my spur of the moment inspirations, I enjoy nature, mountains, the sky, and trees. Personal emotions also play a large factor. I find writing in regards to my own human emotions to be very cathartic.

Tell me about your piece Ebullient, what is it about?

  • Well, ebullient means lively and full of energy. This piece depicts the energy that music gives off. Music is full of emotion and passion and radiates ebullience. The audience will be able to experience the music’s passion and fervor.

17352543_10154996205223400_1951621608653203914_nOnce again, congratulations to Dianna Link for winning our inaugural composition competition with her amazing piece, Ebullient. Be sure to come listen to the world premier at our upcoming concert on April 30th. For tickets click on the following link:
Dianna can be heard premiering her flute concerto with Littleton High School on May 10th at 7PM. Also, this summer at the National Flute Convention in Minneapolis you will be able to hear Dianna’s flute quartet The Music of Water performed by CSO flutist Brick Ferguson and others.

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