How do I find rehearsal/concert/time/location information?

  • Every week at rehearsal, a WEEKLY BULLETIN is e-mailed out. This is the MAIN form of communication, so please read carefully.
  • All scheduling information is on the Charms Calendar. The schedule may change from time to time, so please check in regularly!
  • Emails
  • Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

Where can I find more detailed information?

  • Most information can be found on the website at dyao.org and/or in the handbook, which is on the website under the members section. Please use these resources to search for information!


What is the concert dress?

  • Concert Dress (YAO and Conservatory Orchestras)

Men:  Black suit, white shirt, black bow tie, black socks, and polished black shoes; standard tuxedos are preferred.  No vests, no colors.

Women: Black shirt (at least elbow length sleeves) & long black skirt or slacks (or black dress), polished black shoes (closed toe only), and black hose. Skirts/dresses should touch the floor when you are seated.

  • Concert Dress (String Ensembles)

Men: White shirt, black pants, black socks, and polished black shoes. No vests, no colors.

Women: White shirt (at least elbow length sleeves) & long black skirt or slacks, polished black shoes (closed toe only), and black hose. Skirts should touch the floor when you are seated.


Can I watch the rehearsals?

  • You certainly can! We hold open rehearsals and family and friends are welcome to attend.  We only ask you sign in on the sheet at the door for grant purposes.

How do I get my volunteer hours?

There are multiple ways to complete volunteer hours throughout the season in order to have your $150 deposit refunded to you.  Here are some examples:

  • Helping with concerts, auditions, competitions, retreats, etc.
  • Helping with setup and take-down of chairs and stands at rehearsals and concerts
  • Assisting staff with recruiting efforts
  • Planning, organizing, and helping with the annual gala
  • Helping with other fundraising events
  • Soliciting donations and advertising for concert programs and annual silent auction
  • Transporting equipment and fundraising items to and from events
  • Assisting staff with data entry, filing, mailings and other administrative work
  • Delivering promotional material


Are there auditions for DYAO members throughout the season?

  • Along with the many joys of music-making, there are some challenges.  One challenge is the seating audition.  The staff and conductors are aware this can be a difficult time for some students.  We have considered many options over the years and believe it is important to continue the practice of seating auditions.  There are four major benefits to seating auditions.  They serve as an evaluative tool, a means to encourage learning the music, training for “real-life” auditions, and preparation for life lessons.  Screened seating auditions are held prior to the start of each (or every second) concert cycle.  Woodwind and brass members are often rotated at the conductor’s discretion.

Where is the DYAO office, what is the contact info, and what are the office hours?

  • The DYAO office is located at 1385 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite #A722, Denver, CO 80222. The office hours are noon-5pm Monday through Friday.  Our number is 303-433-2420 and the Orchestra Manager’s cell is 303-981-9019 (note: the cell is only used on rehearsal days)

Can I get a recording of the concert?

  • Yes you can! You can order concert CDs and DVDs for $30 through Charms and by picking up an order form at concerts. We will not have recordings for the Side by Side with the Colorado Symphony.


Who do I talk to about……?