DYAO Alums: Where Are They Now?


Stephanie Yu

Stephanie Yu is currently attending CU Boulder and is studying Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology. She will be auditioning in the spring for theCollege of Music as she wants to double major in music.

Stephanie Recently wrote to DYAO “I was in DYAO for so many years, and it meant a lot to me and impacted my life in many ways. For one, it has helped me grow as a musician by working and playing with other young musicians. I have gained many skills as a musician from playing in DYAO because of the high level of musicianship and the high standards that DYAO has. Being in DYAO has also helped me because we had many opportunities to work with professional musicians in sectional coachings or the CSO side-by-side concert, for example. DYAO has also allowed me build strong friendships with people who are also passionate about music, and those relationships have meant a lot to me.”